Become a virtual ‘foster – friend’ of a refugee, and a complete family.

Integrate refugees into your local community projects and gain benefit from diversity – that is the path towards real innovation.


Let’s finish 2015 as a historical moment of collaboration, compassion and human unity!

Do you also believe, that there is an other way? A way which places the human first? We also!! Therefor we are calling you to read and sign our proposal!

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We have entered a phase where there will be new forms, new arrangements, new structures, new perspectives, and new emerging states of being.
I consider this profound shift as a Revolution in Human Being – or rather as  a Revolution in Human Becoming.

Kingsley L. Dennis, author of The Phoenix Generation

We now make this call - “Shelter for All”

The citizens of the world are watching, and waiting for us to act. It is time now to show our collective human spirit, and our overwhelming human unity.

There is still time to change this unprecedented crisis into a historical moment of collaboration, compassion, and human unity. We have the resources, we have a critical mass of responsible citizens, and we have many skilled refugees willing to make a positive contribution to Europe and the world. Do we have the political and organizational will to transform this crisis into betterment for all? We believe we do.

Thank you for All Hungarian Volunteers!

Watch a short video about the journey of refugees from Hungary to Germany.

Never underestimate the tiny act of kindness that you can give. It maybe the greatest gift for someone in need. The refugee crisis is also the most wonderful evidence, that only those tiny but many actions, made by ordinary citizens could handle the chaos and cruel circumstances.

Thousands of people popping up from the unknown dared to make their hands dirty, to spend that little they have in order for other human beings to survive, or to get better.

It is the time of the critical mass that is coming together, holding hands, one person at a time and a new society is coming to life just because each of us are doing our little part.

Many refugees are grateful for the courages volunteers to serve them and to serve humankind.

Let us celebrate every now and again this wonderful achievement and get ready for the next steps that we create together for leaving a more human environment for the next generation.





World of potentials

Read and sign our proposal

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