We are co - creating a cross-cultural social movement that integrates refugees and migrants alongside the indigenous citizens as organic part of a new society.

Finding Human Ways was called to life in the chaotic yet hopeful days when thousands of people all across Europe stood up and went to train stations, borders, temporary refugee camps to help, nurture and to give hope, and opening doors for those whom were desperately seeking for a safe place and a new home.

However we are experiencing tragedy and cruelty every day, yet as we see this time is the birth of a new society based on basic Human Principals.

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Never underestimate the tiniest actions of an ordinary person.
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Local Communities
Transforming local communities into thriving sustainable living spaces
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Global Networks
Sharing knowledge and understanding different cultures
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What we wish to see in the future

Shifting perception from victimhood to see value and progressing human potentials.

How can we influence the future of a WE society

Co-creating and participating as active and conscious citizens in the transitioning world. Focusing on the local need, integrating knowledge and experience of a diverse community.

We build on collaboration, conscious, compassionate action

Connect and enable local circles with diverse background in  order to work on progressive developmental projects, that benefits migrants, refugees and the indigenous inhabitant in the same time. We embrace those efforts that are focusing on a winn-winn solution.

We provide a platform for local groups to share knowledge and experience.

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