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Proposal of collaboration by volunteers and refugees to governments and authorities

Refugees 2015 - "Shelter For All" Proposal

International Mercy Mission – Shelter For All

The current refugee crisis that has engulfed Europe has shown a great weakness in our political, economic, and social models. Yet it is a weakness that can – and needs to be – learnt from and acted upon. The refugee situation is not separate from our lives, but a consequence of human policies, social uncertainties, as well as environmental conditions. The refugees are in transition, displaced from their roots by circumstances beyond them. It is a global issue that is playing out locally in many European countries. The refugee crisis has now landed very firmly and clearly upon our doorstep – so now is the time to act.

It is a great shame that in 2015 we should be lacking in an adequate humanitarian response when we have all the tools and resources needed to assist. It is urgent that we find a response now as the weather conditions are already beginning to worsen. We should not bear witness to avoidable suffering and death upon European soil in this day and age.

It is for this reason that we call for another International Mercy Mission. The expression of the International Mercy Mission is not unfamiliar in Europe, or the World. It was almost 60 years ago when the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 triggered a joint global operation that catalyzed the world in an almost unprecedented way and 200,000 Hungarian citizens were able to find a welcoming and safe place somewhere in the world only in 6 weeks. The following months turned many more Hungarian’s into refugees as they tried to escape the communist regime. We are now calling for another International Mercy Mission.

What is the challenge?

Governments, volunteers, and refugees are trying to deal with a situation from different perspectives and we need to find the common ground.

Governments are pressurized politically and economically. If they have the facilities to provide shelter, they might lack the required support to turn the facilities into temporary shelters. The Mercy Mission is not asking for a commitment to give asylum for refugees in countries which are not able to accept them for the long term. We only ask this for limited time to save human life and to give dignity to the vulnerable.

Volunteers are on the ground – collecting donations, delivering food, clothing, medicine – and working to ease the suffering of refugees. Volunteers have the immediate knowledge of the real and immediate local challenges and opportunities. It is therefore crucial that they be integrated into the decision making process. Their suggestions can save time, lives, and resources.

Working together, we can provide immediate shelter for all. 

We ask for a 6 months Mercy Period to provide Shelter for All

This current human crisis requires all of us – citizens, refugees, government authorities, and organizations – to provide care by collaborating in well organized and transparent ways. It is crucial that refugees currently arriving in Europe be found immediate placement into safe shelters. For this we call upon all participating countries to open up facilities and shelters that are close to the refugee hot-spots. Such immediate action can help to save lives in the short term, until longer term solutions can be found.

During this time, local volunteers can be ready to help and to give support for refugees and local authorities on a zero budget. Also, responsible media can serve to communicate, with empathy and compassion, the situation to the wider world. Working together with refugees and credible media personalities (from Middle Eastern News Channels) balanced and credible reports can be produced that help to communicate the refugee crisis in a fair and equitable way.

The focus of this proposal is on the immediate need to provide shelter and dry, warm environments for refugees in urgent crisis. Policy making should work to distinguish between the different needs of the short term and long term. We therefore propose the following:

  • To create inclusive, interlinked, and transparent working hubs where volunteers, refugees, NGOs, and authorities can work and communicate together.
  • To open the doors and allow for refugees to enter the geographically nearest available shelters.
  • To allow volunteers to enter all camps to aid refugees and the local staff in providing physical and emotional support.
  • To integrate refugees into the working hubs so that their voice can be heard, and their suggestions listened to.
  • To enable ordinary citizens to invite refugees into their homes (as it happened after the Hungarian Revolution in 1956). This would help to free up available space in refugee camps for those whom are in real need of shelter.
  • To communicate through the media in a compassionate way the refugee situation without bias or agenda.
  • To establish balanced channels of communication that the refugees and migrants can understand and trust. This is essential in informing them of the situation and the possibilities thereof. Proper communication can help to eliminate unnecessary mental and emotional suffering.

There is still time to change this unprecedented crisis into a historical moment of collaboration, compassion, and human unity. We have the resources, we have a critical mass of responsible citizens, and we have many skilled refugees willing to make a positive contribution to Europe and the world. Do we have the political and organizational will to transform this crisis into betterment for all? We believe we do.

The citizens of the world are watching, and waiting for us to act. It is time now to show our collective human spirit, and our overwhelming human unity.

We now make this call – “Shelter for All

Who is already supporting The International Mercy Mission – ‘Shelter For All’ Proposal?


  • Kingsley L. Dennis – Author, sociologist and researcher


  • Jody Jensen – senior research fellow at the Institute of Political Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences 
  • Melinda Várfi – Co – Founder of Impact Hub Budapest
  • Luca Janka László – Office Manager at DemNet, Communications Manager at Let’s Help Together BK41
  • Let’s Help Together BK41 – Refugee Aid


  • Teresa Carla Oliveira – Director of the Coimbra Centre for Innovative Management in the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra 


  • Stuart Holland  – academic economist, British politician.


  • The Kaponay Family


  • Teresa Salinas – Directora Ejecutiva Instituto Peruano del Pensamiento Complejo Edgar Morin -IPCEM, Universidad Ricardo Palma / Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development -RCE Lima-Callao United Nations University.
  • Javier Carvajal – Coordinador Administrativo Instituto Peruano del Pensamiento Complejo Edgar Morin -IPCEM, Universidad Ricardo Palma / Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development -RCE Lima-Callao United Nations University.


  • Peter MerryChief Innovation Officer at Ubiquity University, Founding Partner at Engage! Interact


  • Ross Jackson – Chair, Gaia Trust, Denmark and Gaia Education, UK.

This list is growing – more names to follow.

Contact Ms Ibolya Kapta @ Finding Human Ways 


Mobile: +36 30 6786229

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