Human lifevest saves child – a short story by Caroline Senby

Carolin Senby in Sykaminéa, Lesvos, Greece

This little girl I helped out of an overfilled boat on the beach of skala Sykamineas yesterday.

She was cold and wet all through and in chock, while parents screaming, pushing and fearing their own and childrens life during the dangerous trip over the ocean.

The driver was a refugee himself and had got 5 min to learn how the boatengine worked but when we saw them coming towards us at shore we saw that he had no control over the boat and was driving chaotic back and forward.

The so called “lifevest” this child had would not have been able to save her life if the boat would have capsized and also not being correct connected and missing air in most of the channels too. When they came closer to the shore we saw that it was just a matter of time before the boat would have gone down.

She was in chock and shaking but when I held her I felt how her body let go a bit and relaxed towards me, leaning to feel comfort and safety after the terror, she didn’t say a word or shed a tear and I held her swollen wet feet in my hands and got off her clothes to help her to warm up faster.

When she was dry and had temperature back in her body she started the long walk with her family through Europe to find safety where not even the first miles is worthy for anyone.

This is an impossible situation and we Don’t see any goverment or any of the big help organisations around to help these people or to relief the heavy heavy pressure on this small village where this happen day in and day out.

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