‘I love her so much’ and they said good bye

Mahla and Monika

‘I love her so much!’ – said Mahla while saying good bye to Monika in Germany. A new friendship was born between the two woman, after Mahla and her husband Nasir arrived from Iran. The young couple converted to christianity and their life was not safe in a country where this action means shame for many families. Monika took the couple to her family home and gave them the most precious gift a human can give for an other. Shared time, listening and understanding.

Mahla said good bye because she and her husband was transferred to a new place from the refugee camp where they have been staying for a month.

‘I will cook for 10 person and you are invited too’ pointed Mahla her fingers on me.

Mahla and Nasir

Mahla and Nasir on the train from Hungary to Germany. She shares their story about living in Iran after they changed religion and became christians. In their country it is a crime for a former muslim person.

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