The Maze we try to understand

Is BREXIT division strong enough to hold the future?

During the last few days, the following Aesop fable called “The Scorpion and the Frog” occurs frequently in my mind. Here is the short version, you might enjoy.

A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the

scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The

frog asks, “How do I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion

says, “Because if I do, I will die too.”

The frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream,

the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of

paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown,

but has just enough time to gasp “Why?”

Replies the scorpion: “It’s my nature…”

It’s a matter of perspective

Given the circumstances around the historical EU Referendum in Britain, the society has become deeply divided  – something I have never experienced so strong in this country before. On the contrary, Britain was the symbol of Unity, Diversity, Compassion and Tolerance in my eyes in the western world. Being born in Hungary, growing up under the communist regime as the child of a family that was “enemy of the system” – well, I know what it is to live in a divided and seriously suppressed country.  The sad thing is when not only the politicians are representing divided ideas, but when the whole community becomes literally divided. Here is one thing to consider:

Things can get far worst, the privilege can be lost, the Roman Empire is only a history – and this was not a result of a conscious choice (as it never has been), but the consequence of a simple and returning process.

“FREEDOM” seems to be an abstract phenomenon. Understanding freedom depends on our own level of understanding it and perceiving it. For me as a person coming from a country that was ruled by the communist regime, you might allow me to have some insight about living in a society that has got a strictly limited tolerance for freedom regarding the people in general. And yet just right after its freedom has been regained in 1989, the whole country became deeply divided and it remains so ever since. Meanwhile, many elderlies are crying back the past which gave them a comfort, there is still not enough information about how and what really happened in the “happiest communist block” under the 40 years of suppression. I will not go into details, but I recommend to read the book called:  Stigmatized by Kinga Szechenyi.

The other subject that was not known to many Hungarians during the regime – in real time as it happened –  came to light after the communism collapsed, information’s started to leak out to the public, the wake-up call was shocking and the result was even deeper dividing and devastating. This is the network of the “Agents”, those who reported constantly to the regime about people. But do not think in terms of Hollywood movies. The spies were not strangers, who were watching others in the black coat on the corner. NO.

Most of them were reporting on those who they knew best. Colleagues, friends, and relatives from their own families.

Yes, it’s now a known fact. Hungarians are wondering about the source of their depression which has become the nature of many Hungarians and as much I have learned and observed living inside this culture, I can tell, the roots are going deeper, the above-mentioned problems are not the beginning of the decline, they are simply natural results of events in the past. I will not go into telling the history of Hungary here because there are serious debates amongst Hungarians already about this. Things are connected deeper and if we don’t exactly know what we are doing in the present, the consequences will hit us and our most beloved ones: our own children and grandchildren. I don’t know anybody in their right mind wishing for a troubled future if they have children. In fact, everybody is wishing for the best, but certainly know this too:

The road to hell is paved with all the best intentions.

Division was always Hungary’s greatest weakness, not only after the collapse of communism but actually, this is a long lasting national curse from the time before.

Many Hungarians feel they are victims – that is fully aligned with the words of our depressing national Anthem (as if the depressed spirit of a long lost battle would keep on living and feeding itself on the spirit of each new Hungarian generation ever since somewhere something went wrong – preventing them – just like a perfect curse from looking behind the veil). What I see as one of the major problems, that until people can only see shadowy forms (communism, capitalism, etc … ) they will believe in a concept that is abstract, or just a nice idea … which might originally really was. But if we look at the characteristics, we can see that these forms are going to be corrupted easier than a glass of milk becomes yoghurt. If we just look at the massive scale of ‘volunteer fighters on social media’ and we read the comments on each side, it is obvious that no matter which side that is, the majority is still a tool in a game which they cannot control … until one starts to ask the right question. It would be easier if we would pay more attention to the actual actions. And the scale of letting a compromise defining our future could be an other consideration. Meanwhile we are always better of to be ready for a consensus, but compromising on basic human values has never lead humankind forward. We can not only get into recession, but we can also taste regression  and atropy.

The Leavers say, that they dont want to be the victims of greed. I agree, nobody wants. Again, if you just knew what kind of financial cunamy has spread through Hungary after the Financial Collapse and what was its nature, if you knew how many people committed suicide and how many families lost their homes due to some professional currency manipulation. So in fact there is nothing new in information about greedy business people and bankers, nothing new about certain intentions to create chaos. Remember the Middle East? The best way to create a weak society if you create chaos and you maintain it with hatred. Well, we can say, that goal No 1 was already achieved. And meanwhile people are shouting that it is all for a stronger UK … all I can see is a divided, angry and disappointed nation which has not yet experienced the way of living, that some others live as a reality. So, those whom are shouting “Greater Britain” cannot see the irony in the basic law of Life, that this is only being a tool in a game they cannot see.

So again, it is a matter of perspective. We will stay in the cursed Maze as long we cannot see the things for themselves. Which is, if we look beyond the word ‘communist’, ‘capitalist’, ‘left -right’, ‘banana cake’ etc … if we are able to lift the veil, we will be able to see the characteristics. However the British might say, but what is this bullshit about communism, when Britain has never been a communist country.  I believe that it is only a matter of labeling the things. Those who lived in different kind of systems can see, that many times the actions are the same, and only the names are changing. We need to debunk all the hypnosis we are constantly getting.

What I hear from the moderate Leave side is that they are hoping to get rid of the ugly Bankers and the famous 1% which is ruling the world. Beside this they wish to keep more authority inside Britain for deciding on domastic matters. I believe that this is the right of all people. There are many efforts in the world which are focusing on the local needs – strengthening local economies, creating more sustainable and thriving communities – this is already an ongoing agenda also within the EU. I see no conflict here. Also I do agree that there are many outdated business models

What is your vision for a future? How do you define yourself as a human being on a planet where technology and the ongoing traveling and resettling connected people in a far deeper scale as ever before? Can we declare our connectedness as a diverse unity which is held on the main pillars of fundamental human values?

I understand from the aftermath of this referendum, that majority of the people would not expect this outcome, not even many of the “Leave campaigners”. That is an alarming information that questions the very fundamental existence of such a “Vote”, namely, it suggests to me that somehow people were not aware and ready for the reality of such a decision…. and from this perspective, I am not convinced that this was the real will of the British people.

Nobody can deny that the feeling of Britain these days is not the strong and “we can do it together” people. It is now not the united and proud community that I always knew. And this is fact. However as quick this notion came, so quick it can go.

Is it not better to start a journey from the basis where a bigger majority feels strongly convinced about the way ahead?

From the comments and posts, alas reading what the ordinary people are thinking and feeling I can see the intention of the people – despite the chaos – that both sides  are trying to manoeuvre this ship into safer waters – in their own way, according to their understanding. There are the “Leavers” who are naturally all over the moon – however, there is a denial of having voted for “fascist, dividing and racist ideas” (just reciting what I read). Then there are the “Remain voters” whom are outraged and fear the loss of their liberty. But this is only two side and if we want to understand a bigger and more complex picture, we have to realise that seeing this phenomenon from the perspective of 2 opposing categories will not help us to figure out what really happened. Beyond the two external categories, there are people with visions and beliefs. The frog and scorpion are representing the two sides. Two sides, which has one common path to share. But the two side has got two different nature and we have to keep this in mind.

One little bite already happened into the vulnerable flesh of Britain, when Nigel Farage announced that the promise regarding NHS was just sort of a minor mistake in the heat of his campaign. I mean, I was expecting the British Spirit far stronger – to realise what it means. That they have got a slap on their own face, which was even followed by a comic laughter by Farage. The poison of the scorpion has already resulted in a numbing effect.

And this is the first step towards a compromise that projects the way ahead…. unless some creative situation occurs and this can still happen.

I see the following: As it is the way of man, we forget what history is teaching us. Every time we repeat the mistakes and seemingly, technology has been developed further than humankind itself. See the many spiritual gurus trying to teach empathy for instance – that is inherent in our being as humans … so it should not have been taught from a top level, but we should merely be left alone to be able to learn and develop from inside. But the story repeats the cycle and dependency between ‘teacher&student”, “experts&ordinary people” … etc….

That is a worry, because while in every single minute the dispute goes on questions like, oh isn’t “Fish&Chips” a valid reason to exit the EU – at the same time there are bigger questions in the air than what is to be British, Hungarian, or what it is to be a hummingbird.

Can we ask the question first: What is to be human?

The need to accurately express and define our fundamental values

Amongst the many voices, opinions and emotions I am missing something. I am missing the vision and memory of the initial aim and a common vision of what it means to be united, yet to be free. I have a sense that in fact if we would go back to the basics, we could find more common dreams than dividing ones. And what are the common dreams?

  • Unity
  • Freedom
  • Balance

Probably we could have a long list, but I think these words expressing full concepts and in their own unique ways both sides are talking about the same. Isn’t it funny, that the question is more about the perspectives?

If we listen carefully what most people on the Leave side are saying, we can hear that indeed there is a belief in Unity – it is just that Unity means to most a one-nation unity. So come freedom and balance as a result from their perspective. We cannot deny that the intentions are closer than we would believe.


So even the Leave side wishes for unity and they would be all over the moon if those who want to remain would understand their good intention. So what divides this shared vision?

Unity as one nation vs unity as part of a bigger organism.

Here is a generational question: What does the “nation” mean for each side?


Of course, all people want freedom. Freedom to make our own decisions as independent local communities (using this term instead of nation)

Can we call the presence of separation as freedom? And equally, can we really say that not being able to decide about domestic policies without Bruxelles also freedom? I think none of these options are representing real freedom and this really indicates that some very basic fundamental questions are now unavoidable to solve for the sake of a more balanced European Society.

The question here is: How can we really achieve Freedom? And can we be free as part of something bigger in the same time? Well, can my liver declare independence from my body without harming itself and my very own life? Thanks, God, my liver has no doubt in her function and I also take care of her.


The whole intention for and against the EU is to create the balance because it is obvious that something is out of balance. But is it not the natural cycle of life? Meanwhile, we all wish to be balanced we also have to face the ever changing circumstances and opposing views – elements we cannot control and that makes people scared. This fear than either leads to “wishing to control” or “suppressing to survive”. Is this a real balance, whereby those who control, can only control human beings who only gave in for the sake of survival? Where is the fundamental question regarding the purpose of Human Life? Undoubtedly, if one degrades his/her life to just playing survival games – life has not even begun for that person. Can a leader really claim, that he/she is leading when all there is a bunch of people in fear without understanding? Is it not a better basis to be a leader from a well deserved mutual trust given by people whom are not afraid of you, but understand that you ARE leader with your whole spirit and you don’t think more of it as it is, which is nothing more and nothing less but a servant of people. Not in a degrading way. Well, until this quality is not perceptible all the balance one imagines around is only self-deception.

If people, in general, have the same vision what holds them back from going on the same path? Why all these misunderstandings?

There is no question about the real issue in the world and the EU is also strongly part of this. Actually, everything that is happening now is coming as a result of long-term confusion.

I am just in the middle of reading The Phoenix Generation by Kingsley L. Dennis who writes about these turbulent times and about the inevitable change we are facing. Here is a short excerpt, like a summary of all the things that are unfolding right now.

“Things are seriously shifting and have been for some time now. We don’t need to be rocket scientists to under- stand this; nor do we need to be psychics to sense this or ‘sensitives’ to feel this. Our own innate sense of being human is recognizing, and responding to, a life increasingly out of balance. The 21st century began with confusion: a mixture of millennial optimism with insecurity and ambiguity. The urge to think forward, move forward, was sandwiched between new strategies of aggression and violence that were deployed to create social fears and global injustices. The first decade of the 21st century stumbled along without any clear conscious focus, only to fall into a financial quagmire in 2008.

Now, as we prepare to acclimatize to the second decade onwards of the new millennium, we are faced with bankrupt nations, insolvent cities, and disintegrating infrastructures. Our educational systems are failing our children, and either sapping their brains or chemically zapping their neurons. Almost all of us

know that something is seriously amiss with modern human life. We feel it instinctively, yet we have been left hanging, indecisive, not knowing how to respond to these issues. There is both external and internal angst accumulating within the mass of humanity. There are blockages, leakages, bursts and explosions appearing both within our social world as well as in Nature. Gaia – our planetary home – is showing us that movements are under way, some of them not conducive to current modes of human life. Humanity itself appears to be collectively frustrated and out of patience. This is the way we have lived, and it nurtures us no more.”

So there is a need for rethinking everything and to do this we should not forget that we are here on this earth together.

Whatever happened on the day of Referendum, I only ask the question: Is the foundation stone strong enough? Or is this compromise too risky to take? I would say, nothing is written into stones and this question seriously is in need of rethinking in a more grounded way and I would, in any case, involve the youth in that. After all, nobody seriously wants to harm the future prospects of their own children, right?

And here we are arriving at a very sensitive topic which cannot be suppressed either, otherwise, some people will get up one day to a humiliating reality. We have to understand that all of our actions will have consequences, sometimes not immediately but rather in the future, when people will evaluate the original intentions that lead to such and such situations. The clash of old and new paradigm manifests in a generational clash between people. However, it is more generalised saying that the older people are for leaving and the younger are more for voting since there are obviously different views in each generation. Yet black and white statistical figures show that the younger someone is, the more likely voted for ‘Remain’ and the older is someone, the more likely wants to ‘Leave’.

So, if people just could understand the nature of change than it would be natural to know that change is not the question of necessity, it is something that happens, no matter what. We might take our electricity for granted and nobody with the right mind would think of it as a magic, yet just go back few hundreds of years in time and you will be burned alive if you build a house with this technology. Or remember the time when people believed that the earth is flat?

These days – according to Kingsley L. Dennis sociologist and author of the book called The Phoenix Generation – are about great transitions and shifts and we are living in the ‘ flat Earth to round Earth’ moments. And as it is the way of man when this world will be inhabited by the new minds, we are likely to think ‘but how could it have been other- wise!’ So where are we heading right now?

It is really essential looking at the bigger picture and not to stay in a nostalgic state of mind thinking that oh, but our dear old days were much better. It is really not helpful, because our history shows, that each generation has this nostalgic perspective for 5 minutes, yet the future comes anyway and our children have to coop with that future. Therefore it is essential that especially in this 5 minute of nostalgia we should ask ourselves these questions:

What are our basic human principals?

Have we lost sight of our basic values?

Where is the common ground where each debating side can stand together and how can we negotiate from that point?

We cannot leave the questions of a future for our soon dying mindset alone, that knew something very different because we cannot even comprehend what the future will be. Just like in the ages of witch-hunts, people would not have had the capacity to comprehend this connectedness that we now have as a result of technological developments. If we ignore the voice of the youth it could disempower them against their future potentials. Almost … yet here I see a far more positive outlook in the longer term, than most of those comments that I keep reading. Even many youngsters are saying that their future is now destroyed, yet I would like to give a warm embrace and whisper something into their ears. Or I just write it here. Well, even if it seems for this moment that a huge obstacle has been placed the front of you, please do not think it will last forever – otherwise, it means that you don’t believe in your own self. Nothing stays as it is and this situation will pass too. Maybe sooner as you could even imagine. I don’t know how because there are many options – just as much as many innovative minds, there are.

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